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A Positive Grade Line Control System

The Johnny Block n’ Grade Line provides a constant, reliable grade control for grading of sub grade, aggregate base and concrete. Reliable grade control is also maintained for grinding, pulverizing, paving and building sites. The smoothly molded Johnny Block has an anti rust brass-threaded insert with a 5/16 stainless steel bolt for securing the molded Johnny block to a ¾ inch round metal stake. Using the Johnny Block together with our ultra high tensile strength Grade Line provides a positive grade-control.

The Johnny Block has a flat top surface that will accommodate a carpenter’s level

for setting grade elevation. You will not lose grade elevation with the Johnny Block

even if the Grade Line is broken. After setting the Johnny Block to grade

elevation, simply place the grade Line under the smooth line holder on the Johnny

Block. The Johnny Block will not cut the Grade Line. The Johnny Block will hold

the Grade Line in place on horizontal and vertical curves. The Johnny

Block n’ Grade Line creates long-lasting, repeat business relationships with your

clients by serving their needs and by delivering on your promises.


The Johnny Block n’ Grade Line specializes in complex, challenging construction projects for demanding owners, giving you greater production, which reduces the construction impacts on scheduling and cost.


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